Why An Elastic iPhone Wallet Is Better Than Leather

April 24, 2016

If you look around the web, you can find a bunch of leather iPhone Wallet Cases.    Leather is great for old-fashioned standalone wallets, but it isn’t the perfect material to hold your cards on the back of your iPhone.

At jimmyCASE, we worked for over a year with a premiere webbing mill to create the perfect elastic bands for jimmyCASE.  Underneath all the pretty colors is a tight web packed with elastic.   The bands are designed to stretch to carry up to 6 cards, and to pop right back to carry one card – every time.  Our custom elastics will not stretch out. 

Leather, on the other hand, does not stretch easily – great for traditional wallets, but not to carry cards on the back of your iPhone.

This is why the patented elastic pocket on the jimmyCASE can hold up to six cards and the others can’t.

The 4 Benefits of jimmyCASE Elastic Bands, Over Old-Fashioned Leather

  1. The bands stretch to hold up to 6 cards and stretch back every time
  2. The bands can hold bulky items like car keys and USB sticks – easy
  3. The bands come in a variety of cool color combinations -- 12 now, more coming
  4. A great vegan alternative to animal-based leather products

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