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Best Wallet Ever!

I bought this wallet when they first came out with it, idk maybe 3 years ago, maybe even longer, and have used it literally every day since. There is not one stitch out of place and the elastic is still good as new! It re-adapts in minutes to less cards when necessary and just keeps on going! I suggest anyone looking for a great minimalist wallet choose this option. I know Peel has a nice wallet as well and I considered it but I think I’m just gonna get a new color slimJimmy’s that good.

The Only Wallet

No more bulky, pocket bulging, annoying wallets. The Slim Jimmy Wallet is a life changer. With plenty of room for my credit cards and driver's license, along with a pocket for cash, it's all I need. I slip this thin wallet in my front pocket, and I'm always good to go. I'll never use an old fashioned wallet again. I love this product, I've given them to friends for gifts, and I'll never go back!

The Wallet, Wallet

I like the wallet a lot. I agree with another review where it could’ve used the elastic on both sides, that’s the only thing I would change. Possible wasted opportunity. Maybe a key ring loop too for those who want to add a key or two (hence for the 4 instead of 5 stars rating). But overall, I like this wallet and it serves its purpose for me. I don’t think it has the protection for when it is in your pocket it can block people from scanning it. But that’s actually good for me because my other card wallet by another brand has that. And I cannot scan my badge into work and/or the public transit while it’s in the wallet. Whereas, with this wallet by JimmyCase, I scan both my work badge & public transit card without removing it from the wallet. Which is what I wanted because I don’t keep credit cards/check cards/license in this wallet. It is strictly for work. All black and sleek. A little red stitch to it to add something to it so it’s not plain. Since I have the wallet phone case. I just needed something for work purposes that wasn’t bulky. That’s what I love about this. I hate traditional wallets. This is perfect for me. Thanks JimmyCase!

I like it overall but could be more useful.

It would be good to have the elastic on both sides of the wallet and I think that would make it even more useful. I found that it was difficult to take cards out of the middle section so if there were two elastic pieces it would work really well. Maybe in a future version.

Not 100% Perfect But It’s Close

The Jimmy Slim Wallet is almost perfect. Holds all of my cards and cash in a tight compact wallet that fits in my front pocket. Very easy to access cards. My only criticism is I wish they put in card holders on both sides. But it’s a small detail that is more my own personal preference and less about flaws in the design. I would recommend this wallet to anyone who travels or is on the go, or especially if you’re someone who is cool with using Apple Pay, Google Pay or any type of mobile paying system (because you’d be carrying less cards on you). Maybe not so much if you’re still a person who carries everything in your wallet.

I think it’s a great wallet. Though my dog doesn’t seem too impressed.

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