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Prefer the case

I’ve gotten Jimmycases since... my iPhone 5 I think.. and this time I decided to get this because I have recently gotten into moment lenses and they require their own case for their pretty pricey “lenses”. I tried it out, I liked the case they had which was also made of wood.. the diff and added pluses were 1. The bumper/guard is a lot thicker and tougher than jimmy’s. 2. The bottom of the case allows for optional landyard or wrist strap attachment (mainly for when u use their lens to take pics and such). 3. It allows u to attach their lenses obviously. So I went about 2 wks with their case but I just could not Live without my Jimmycase. I found it extremely inconvenient and uncontrollablely frustrating to be without it. It was like missing a limb. I constantly had to go back to my little coach wallet on my keychain for my cards or ID or my fancy LV Wristlet for it (that could also carry my phone). And if I had to choose I rather have a jimmy case than a LV or Prada wristlet. I LOVE their cases but maybe I got a lemon bc upon receiving this case, I tried to put in my cards and got a splinter from the cracked sides where the elastic attaches. See photos. It was also bent as well. And when wood is bent, it’s not like you can bend it straight like metal or plastic in some cases... so I contacted jimmy and I must say they have the best customer service. They reply quickly and r always so down to earth and helpful. Anyway.. they are sending me a replacement and I’m looking forward to this working out:-/ thanks jimmycase.. I’m sorry for the 3 stars.. I hope to be able to revise and update my review when I get the replacement.

Thanks for the message and so sorry to see your order arrived like that. Our support team will reach out to you now and help make this right.
Love my Jimmycase!

I had a jimmycase for my old phone that I loved! There are many times I don’t want to carry a purse. Jimmycase is perfect for keeping my license, credit card and money safe and secure. After getting a new phone I didn’t have time to order the jimmycase before we left on a trip so I bought a case without a card holder and really missed my jimmycase. I decided to try the jimmycase stick on wallet and am glad I did. So far the adhesive feels super secure and it works ( without cards or money) with my wireless phone charger. Great product!

Very Satisfied

My Jimmycase is slim, sticks to my case securely, holds my cards tightly, lets me get them out easily, and simplifies my life. Thanks.


Aaron is awesome! Love Jimmy Case ever. All my iPhone cases used by Jimmy case and you can’t go wrong.

the stick-on

the stick-on works great. and looking forward to a number of years with it... joel

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