iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Wallet Case With Card Holder

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Credit Card Case with Elastic Pocket Sleeve & Real Wood Core
• Holds 6 Cards and Cash
• Full-Frame Protection
• Genuine Mahogany Core
• Integrated Bumper
• Lay-on-the-Table Screen Protection
• Handmade in the USA
• 30 Day No Risk Guarantee

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We provide a 30 day no-risk guarantee. If for any reason you aren't happy with your jimmyCASE, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. This guarantee applies to the first unit in any order. Returns on multiple units will incur a 20% restocking fee upon return.

jimmyCASE products come with a one-year limited warranty from defects in materials and craftsmanship for one year from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended.

Exceptions: White cases and light colored fabrics tend to show dirt, and the no-risk guarantee does not apply for this. We will not accept returns for dirt issues. Custom Cases are custom-made upon order. If a custom case is defective, we will replace with same custom case option within 30-day window.

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The jimmyCASE Wallet Case has much to provide iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus owners. This case features a full-frame protection barrier that significantly minimizes the risk of screen cracks or breaks. The case allows for additional “lay-on-the-table” screen protection which further protects the delicate iPhone screen. The case itself is complete with the signature real genuine mahogany wood core that adds the perfect touch of sophistication and class to the iPhone Wallet Case itself.

Surrounding the phone is the non-slip bumper that features useful nubs which are very useful for added grip and slip resistance. Perhaps, arguably, the most useful feature of the iPhone 6/6s Plus Wallet Case is the wallet function. The case boasts a durable, sturdy stretch sleeve wallet capability of which elasticity is proven to hold tight under even the most stressful of circumstances.

The strong elastic wallet band will continue to remain resistant to stretching or without loosening over time when used properly (i.e. not exceeding the maximum carrying capacity regularly). The stretch sleeve wallet feature is capable of holding up to six cards in addition to cash! What more do you need?

The wood iPhone wallet case by jimmyCASE is perhaps the most useful and functional iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s Plus carrying case on the market. It has just the perfect balance of protective and practical features made with the highest of quality of workmanship by handmade professionals in the United States of America.

The Wallet Case by jimmyCASE is accompanied by a 30-day, no risk guarantee, which comes complete with every order.

Customer Reviews

Based on 146 reviews
Good case

It looks great and feels great. The only thing is that it has lost a bit of the stretch from holding a folded up learner's permit along with my debit card, so now when I only have my debit card in there it feels like it might fall out. I've also only dropped it once or twice, but it's already getting a few noticeable scratch marks on the left corner of the wood. Other than that, it works as advertised and it's a beautiful case. I would recommend it.


It's my second one (only because I dropped the last phone in a river). Can't live without it. Doesn't add bulk but still protects the phone and carries my ID and subway pass.

Best phone case EVER!

Hi, my husband and I were looking for a case like this forever - al of the others are either cheaply made or too bulky. These are so stylish and work fantastic. I've told everyone about it. Thanks so much!!


iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus Wallet Case With Card Holder



How Many Cards Can jimmyCASE Hold?
Our magic elastic is custom woven for our iPhone 6s wallet case and expands to hold up to six cards. It is also designed to stretch back every time and never stretch out. Some people (everyone in my family) stuffs more than 6 cards into their jimmyCASEs (10 cards and a bunch of receipts). When over-stuffed, the elastic may stretch out a bit. But, with 6 cards, it should not be a problem.

What Kind of Wood is That?
We use military spec Mahogany wood boards from an aircraft supplier in Southern California. The boards are fashioned in a mill in Illinois. We tested dozens of types of wood before landing on this Mahogany. We like it is pretty and super-strong for our custom iPhone 6s case. It also mellows nicely over time, darkens and gains patina from natural hand oils.

Why is Your Magic Elastic Better Than Leather or Plastic.
Our magic elastic pocket is easy to use and is not fussy. Our patented design provides fast and consistent access to your cards every time. Our magic elastic used in the iPhone wallet case is designed to stretch and mold around your cards (or bulky items like a car key or ear buds) and hold them tight. Underneath the pretty colors is a custom-woven web of elastic – lots of it. We like the way elastic grabs a stack of cards, quickly, with no fuss. You just shove in a stack of cards and eject the stack with your thumb. Or you can slip the top card into the iPhone 6 wallet case our pretty easily. All your cards are in one place, the same place every time. With jimmyCASE there is no fumbling through a bunch of leather slots to find your cards. No ejection tabs to get twisted and fouled up. No plastic doors to break. No leather to stretch out. No plastic slots that won’t stretch at all for 6 cards.

How Many Cards Can jimmyCASE really hold?
We engineered the fabric to hold up to 6 cards tightly in our iPhone card holder. But, if you’re like some of our relatives, you’ll go full-Costanza and shove a whole lot more in. jimmyCASE can probably take it. And however you want to carry, we are happy you are doing it with jimmyCASE.

Really Handmade in USA?
Absolutely. We live in Los Angeles and love making our products by hand in Los Angeles, where we can ensure the best quality every day. The wood is sewn by hand and cut and etched with a laser cutter in small batches. Each Magic Elastic fabric band is cut by hand on an old-school fabric cutter and sewn and tacked one-at-a-time. The high-tech glue is applied by hand to ensure an even and strong bond. Each iPhone 6 card holder wallet by jimmyCASE is made just for you when you order it. So, the case you receive from our web store is freshly made and ready for action.