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Better than iPhone 11 Folio Case?

by Dan Smith November 01, 2019

by Dan Smith in Product Guide

Before you buy a Folio case for your new iPhone 11, Pro or Pro Max check out our definitive guide to iPhone card carrying.

5 Reasons a premium elastic pocket is better for your card carrying.

  1. Folio flaps hit you in the face. With an elastic pocket on the back of your phone, your cards are carried out of your way.   Your screen is always open for calling, emailing, and surfing. With a folio-style case, the flap is usually in the way, blocking your screen, hitting you in the face, or bulking up the back of your phone.  Folio Flap Hits You In The Face
  2. Individual Folio Card Pockets make your cards difficult to access. Just like in a leather wallet with individual cards slots, the friction of the slots make the cards difficult to access. You need to dig them out.   With the JIMMYCASE Patented Magic Elastic Pocket, all your cards are a thumb-push away. Easy access to your top card or all your cards.
  3. Folio Cases are Bulky. With a multi-layer leather flap on the front and a leather wrap around the back, folio cases require a lot of extra material and bulkiness…adding more weight and thickness to the case.
  4. Folio Cases are mostly non-vegan. Most quality folio cases are made with leather. If you’d prefer a vegan alternative, the JIMMYCASE iPhone 11 Wallet Case contains no leather or animal products. It’s core component is real, natural wood. Mahogany, Black Maple, Oak or Teak.
  5. Most Folio Cases are not Made in USA. Most iPhone folio cases are imported, factory-made products. Each JIMMYCASE iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Case is handcrafted in a small sewing, assembly room in Los Angeles, California, USA.

5 Reasons to Choose iPhone 11 Pro Max Wallet Case by JIMMYCASE®

  1. Our patented Magic Elastic pockets stay flat, and only expand enough to carry the cards you need. Up to 10 cards in our new iPhone 11 Pro Wallet Card Carry cases.
  2. Our Magic Elastic pockets are custom-woven to our exacting specs in the USA. Our iPhone 11 JIMMYCASEs are designed to hold up to 10 cards and cash, tight…never stretching out.
  3. Faster access to cards and cash. With JIMMYCASE, you won’t be digging out cards one-by-one. With our patented thumb eject pocket, you can pop out one card, or all your cards, instantly.       Instant Access to Cards and Cash, Faster than iPhone Folio Case
  4. Premium wood looks great. Our cases are made with premium Mahogany, Black Maple, Teak and Oak wood, custom milled to our specifications in Los Angeles, CA USA.   The wood core of your JIMMYCASE will glow beautifully as the grain and color picks up the light.
  5. 5 Star Reviews. JIMMYCASE consistently gets 5-star reviews. Our customers come back year after year as they upgrade their iPhones.   Our customers consistently celebrate our personal customer service and prompt attention.

5 Ways your life will be better with JIMMYCASE® iPhone 11 Wallet Case

  1. Get through the airport faster. With JIMMYCASE, your ID (driver’s license), credit card and ATM (debit card) are at your fingertips, always. As you go through TSA check, is your boarding pass on your phone? With JIMMYCASE iPhone Pro Max Wallet Case, your ID is at your fingertips, ready to pop out as your approach the TSA agent. No fumbling around in your bag or pocket for your ID. It is right there on the back of your phone, always.iPhone 11 Wallet Case Card Holder Through Airport Faster
  2. Your Hotel Key card with always be with you. When on a business trip, or vacationing, your phone is with you all the time. Going to the buffet, to the pool, to a business meeting. You will likely have your iPhone with you. With your key card held tight in our patented magic elastic pocket your key card will always be ready.
  3. You won’t need your bulky wallet or purse. Our customers are getting rid of their wallets and leaving their purses at home. One less thing to carry, or think about, or forget. Carry the cards and cash you need and eliminate the bulk…simplify!
  4. You won’t have to remember where you left your credit card, ID, any of your important cards. If you have your phone with you, all your important cards and a little cash can be right there, always.
  5. You will have the perfect workout companion. JIMMYCASE is great when working out. Is your phone with you when run, when you go to the club or a class? With JIMMYCASE you’ll have cash or credit card for a snack and your club card with you at all times. No searching in your bag or in your wallet. It’s all right there with JIMMYCASE.

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Dan Smith
Dan Smith

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