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Top iPhone 7 Wallet Case

Wallet cell phone cases have become one of the most purchased phone accessories on the market. Apple fans love their style, reliability and compact design. There are thousands of brands, designs and products to choose from, but customers should keep several things in mind when shopping. A phone case protects one of your most valuable possessions, even more so when you rely on the wallet to keep your cash and credit cards safe. While some people are happy to purchase a case based on its cheap price, most look at a good phone case as an investment.

The JimmyCASE offers a secure, elastic pocket that will never stretch out. There are 12 color choices to think about before ordering your custom fitted case. Cheap leather and plastic cases are offered plentifully online, but they break easily and do not come with warranties. When it comes to your brand new iPhone and hard earned cash, you don't want to mess around. The JimmyCASE offers a customer warranty for up to 1 year. For the top iPhone 7 wallet case, spending a little extra money is well worth the reward.Think of the Otterbox, one of the most recognized phone case brands out there. The average case retails for around $50 bucks, similar to JimmyCASE. The wallet case designed by JimmyCASE is worth the price tag because it provides style, protection and security. Complete with an elastic card holder, side bumpers and a real mahogany case, this is the top iPhone 7 wallet case. Sure to fit your phone like a glove, make your life less of a hassle and make you feel like stylish; this case is a must have. While other cases provide different colored leathers, or adhesive wallet add-ons, they cannot be relied upon.

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