From Dan at jimmyCASE: I launched jimmyCASE® in 2014, because I wanted to get rid of my wallet. I felt silly carrying my bulky wallet in one pocket and my iPhone in another. I looked at the wallet cases available. What I saw was either made out of leather or plastic. I learned that leather stretched out pretty easily – not optimal for a wallet case. Plastic wallet cases didn’t stretch at all, so they couldn’t carry lots of cards. I discovered that woven elastic would make for a great iPhone wallet, but there were no stock elastic bands that were good enough. So, I worked with a groovy weaver in Los Angeles to create the perfect elastic bands to carry cards. Our magic elastic can stretch enough to hold six cards, and snaps back every time, never stretching out.

Our Cases
Each case is made just for you in real time after you order it. So...your case will be fresh. Our phone wallet cases are handmade by skilled artisans in East Los Angeles, California, United States of America -- USA. They feature full-frame protection and lay-on-table screen protection for your phone, one of your most vital possessions. Each case carries up to six cards PLUS cash. Looking for a phone case that fits your phone with custom style -- durable, reliable, efficient and slim? Then you have found what you have been looking for. All JimmyCASE's are built strong and smart. We designed and engineered the JimmyCASE because it was something we wanted to use in our daily lives, and we figured our friends and customers would like and would benefit from the style and functionality of the cases. The sleek and simple design was created to eliminate bulk and create a great card carry-on for your phone. JimmyCASE is the new multipurpose and brilliant way to minimize the amount of extra cargo you carry on a regular basis, giving you the option to store only essential items necessary carry in your daily ventures. The Jimmy Case will fit both the new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus models in an effective and custom manner. Additionally, the case will fit, like a glove, on the iPhone 5/5s/5c, the iPhone 4/4s as well as the Samsung Galaxy S4. The style and color patterns of the wallet we feature on the jimmyCASE have great variety to ensure that there is a Jimmy Case available to suit just about any style preference!

Benefits of carrying a jimmyCASE
Carrying a jimmyCASE may change your life. There is freedom in slimming down and leaving bulky wallet or heavy purse behind. Your phone is probably with you all the time, so why not put it to work to carry the cards you need most – and a little cash too. When you exercise, you may be using your iPhone for music, so why not keep your ID, gym card, credit card and a little cash with you. How often are you looking for a dollar to buy water at the gym? When shopping, you can leave your heavy purse in the car and pay for everything with the cards in your jimmyCASE. If you are grabbing your phone, your cards and cash will be one less thing to worry about, as they will always be there. If you don’t have an iPhone. If you have a Samsung, LG, HTC, Windows Phone or any Android phone, or just a pocket, we will soon have you covered, with jimmyCASE Slim Wallets and a new stick-on case.

A Rainbow of Colors
At jimmyCASE, we think that color is important. Even with our black magic elastic, you’ll always have the glow of beautiful wood, Mahogany or Douglas Fir to bring something visually cool to your day. We are always adding new colors to the menu. We are particularly fond of the new Steel Blue. And Khaki Green is coming soon. All the colors of the rainbow are there, including “Rainbow.” We are proud.