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Top iPhone 7 Plus Wallet Case

So, you just bought your new iPhone Plus and you're looking for a new case, sometimes it's difficult to narrow down the search. Type top iPhone 7 plus wallet case into Google and a thousand results will appear, but who can you trust? Fly by night businesses will sell you cheap pleather and cases that offer zero reliability. For a phone with such high prices and delicate features, you want a wallet case that you can count on. There are hundreds of cases to choose from online.
top iPhone 7 plus wallet case

Shieldon produces leather wallet cases, but their design is lacking and the case is bulky. ZVE makes a slimmer case, but unfortunately their slots don't line up with the headphones. A great case needs to offer security, properly fitting headphone jacks, a slim design and a decent price. The JimmyCASE makes one of the top iPhone 7 plus wallet cases because of its innovative design. The custom made elastic band holds 6 cards and doesn't add a whole wallet to the phone case. With your iPhone in a JimmyCASE, you can simply slip the phone into your pocket or toss it into a clutch. Bulky wallets,phone case wallets or unnecessary accessories can become a thing of the past.

Let's face it, in such a fast paced world, no one wants to be loaded down with expensive wallets or useless phone cases. A functional phone case that serves to protect a valuable investment and your credit cards is a wise choice. There are many qualities to keep in mind when shopping for a new case. Keeping such a pricey phone from getting scratched and broken is definitely a top priority. A slim-build, secure back pocket and unique mahogany design will have you feeling in touch with the future.

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