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Things to look for in an iPhone 7 case

If you are looking for an iPhone 7 case, you owe it to yourself to be picky about what you buy. You wouldn’t go and order a $60 steak and ruin it with ketchup, would you? Of course not. So why would you do that to your iPhone 7? Here are a couple of tips to help you find the best iPhone 7 case for your personal needs.

best iPhone 7 wallet caseA lot of people are wanting cases that do more than just protect or look pretty. For example, an iPhone 7 wallet case gives users extra storage space to hold money, ID cards, credit cards and more. The more features that a case can provide, the better.


Whatever you buy must be durable. If you are looking at a case and it looks like it would break from a simple Frisbee toss across the room onto the floor, just imagine how much protection it is going to offer your phone.


When we say design, we don’t mean style. Not all cases are created equal and if your iPhone 7 case doesn’t have preciously drilled access ports, you may as well throw it out. If your charger will not connect complete into the phone through the case, it’s worthless. The same can be said for headphone ports, although with more people using Bluetooth technology, this is less of a concern.


Life is about compromise. Do you remember your parents telling you that? Well, that’s not the case when it comes to jimmyCASE. You can select from multiple colors and designs to personalize your phone and make it a direct reflection of who you are.

Before you buy an iPhone 7 case, take the time to look at what you need it for and what the case will provide for you. Look at the features you want to be able to use on your phone and make sure that the case you are buying lets you take advantage of those features.

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