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Protective Wood iPhone 6s Case

I wanted a wood case for my phone because I really like the way they look, but the ones I've come across haven't been special or "useful" enough. I love that wood grain iPhone case look but I didn't want plastic, and I really didn't want something super-expensive just because it's made of wood. Also, they're really hard. If you drop a phone in a wood case, you're basically dropping a phone that's wrapped in a hard material directly onto a hard surface. That's no good. 

I wanted a protective wood iPhone 6s case – and with something that size, it has to be protective. There's more phone to crack and break. I stumbled across a Shopify piece about the jimmyCASE, so I went to their site. In a few days, I had my own. 

They make an iPhone wallet case that uses wood as the "core" – it's a nice piece of mahogany (on mine – or you can get light-colored basswood) that keeps the phone back covered. But all around it, they put a silicone bumper that helps keep it in your hand (ever notice how slippery phones are these days? And the more they cost, the slippier they get), and it has a little raised "lip" that helps guard the screen.

I mentioned that it's a "wallet case." It's not like other "wallet cases" you've seen. It's not a wallet where you stick a phone in it. The jimmyCASE has an elastic band where you can put credit cards, cash, your key, your lip stuff, whatever in it. It can actually take the place of your wallet so you don't have to overload pockets with stuff.

I mean you're going to have your phone with you, why not make it even more handy? Going out and about is loads easier (and lighter) with my jimmyCASE. Check them out at


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