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Wood iPhone Cover    

Getting an iPhone was only the beginning. Sure, I looked forward to getting it (any new model is exciting) but how it would serve me was the real question. How I used it could change my life. I used to think that all that had to do with apps. Then, I stumbled on the jimmyCASE, and it changed my thoughts on what a phone could do for me.

I was getting my oil changed and the service manager had to take a quick call on his cellphone. He hung up and said to me, "Sorry about that."

"No problem," I said, "but what is that on your phone?"

He pulled it back out of his front pocket and showed me. That is how I learned about jimmyCASE… and that is why I ordered one for myself online, later that same day.

It caught my eye for a couple of reasons. First, I love the idea of a wood iPhone cover. The problem is, the ones I've seen are either fake wood or just too heavy and clunky for comfortable use. Secondly, the elastic sleeve has a lot of personality. The colors and stripes available give you a range of choices, from business-ready to downright fun.

I went to thejimmyCASE.com and read a bunch of excellent consumer reviews, along with press items about jimmyCASE quality. In no time, I ordered a case – with free shipping – and have turned my iPhone 6 into an actual iPhone 6 card wallet.

That "personality" sleeve has a function. I can fit up to 6 credit cards into my jimmyCASE, along with cash. I was honestly not expecting something more than a unique-looking case, and now I have a phone and case that work together to simplify my life. So glad that service guy took a call.

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