How Do I Track Data Use On My iPhone?

How To Track Data Use On Your iPhone

We as smart phone users have become a pretty sophisticated bunch. For instance, we are savvy about the latest cellular capabilities, prices and accessories, like the best phone wallet case or wood iPhone case. However, we still have some weak points. In particular, an often-asked question is, how much data do I have left on my phone? Luckily, we’re here to answer that question.

The Answer Is in Settings

You actually can keep track of your usage on your own. Simply tap “Settings,” then scroll down to “Cellular,” which is near the top, and tap it. Then scroll down to “Cellular Data Usage.” Here, you will see two options: “Current Period,” which shows the total data used since you last reset the tracker; and “Current Period Roaming,” which shows all data used while roaming. Remember, though, that the data shown in the “Current Period” will only coincide with your billing period if you reset it at the beginning of every billing period. 

Contact Your Carrier

While the above method will tell you quite a lot, it won’t specifically tell you the allowed data usage for that month. You may know the approximate limit, but the actual number can vary from month to month. Consequently, if you want to get an exact update on how much you’ve used and how much is allowed, contacting your carrier is the best option. Naturally, that can mean waiting on hold for some time. However, some companies have an automated system that will give you up-to-the-minute numbers. How’s that for convenience?

Regardless of which method you choose, there is no reason to be in the dark about how much data you have left in your billing period. After all, the more you know, the more you’ll know when to close that iPhone 7 Plus case so that your full data stream keeps you powered through the entire cycle.

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