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Design an iPhone Case

I'm not like everybody else. I even design my own clothes. I design a lot of other people's, too – I design sportswear. Creativity is what keeps me going, and what I bring to the world.

Whenever I can, I like to personalize and customize my things. So I'm glad I found thejimmyCASE.com, where you can design an iPhone case to suit your taste and personality. I looked over the materials and color options, and designed a custom iPhone 6 plus case that says a lot about who I am – and carries a lot of what I need.

It's so simple. The jimmyCASE has a beautiful wood backing, a silicone bumper and an elastic sleeve that makes it a secure and easy-to-access wallet. For the elastic sleeve, you can choose stripes or solids, and I went with pink-and-gray stripes. Choose a black or white bumper – I chose white – that will keep the phone in your hand and guard the screen from scratches if you set it face-down on hard surfaces. And choose the beautifully finished wood that catches your eye – either rich mahogany or light basswood. I went with basswood.

It's as strong as it is stylish. The elastic pocket doesn't stretch out, and the bumper and wood core keep things protected better than flimsy cases you see at home stores on the way to the checkout counter.

Can I jump in right here and tell you that I love the wallet thing? I didn't expect to be as impressed with that as I am. I can carry my regular everyday cards, cash and whatever in there, which means no more fumbling through bags and purses in my iPhone wallet case.

I feel so good about my jimmyCASE. It's handmade in the USA, by artisans who take pride in their work… but designed by me. And I take pride in being me.Design a iPhone Case

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