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Cool Phone Case with Card Holder for iPhone 6 Plus

I have an iPhone 6+. I was skeptical about it at first because of the size, but I have grown to love the easy to see screen and large buttons. The trouble was finding a phone case with a card holder for my iPhone 6 Plus. I wanted to protect my phone, but I didn’t want it to become even more bulky and cumbersome. Then I found jimmyCASE. With the combination of an extremely large pocket (for all my stuff) and the beautiful laser-cut wood, I can fit most everything in there and look stylish doing it.

Cool Phone Case With Card Holder For iPhone 6 Plus

I chose the rainbow pocket with the darker wood, and it is lasting very well. Most phone cases with a pocket for the iPhone 6 plus make the phone so gigantic, putting things in the pocket means I have to put the phone in my purse, which is the thing I am trying to get rid of! I absolutely love my jimmyCASE and recommended it to all my friends. They loved it too, and the told me how much. Here’s what they said:

“Case fits very tight and the elastic holds the cards well. Would definitely recommend this case to my friends.”

“I really like it”

“This case is the thinnest wallet case I've used. The band holds the cards in well and it looks really nice."

“Love my jimmyCASE! It protects my gigantic phone and also lets me carry my license, credit cards, and some cash without being too bulky. Love its simplicity and functionality, while being stylish.”

“I never carry a wallet anymore and this was exactly what I was looking for. It allows for a screen protector to be placed with no interference. My stuff never falls out. I keep like 6 cards in it with cash. Absolutely love it!”

If you want to add great functionality and style to your phone, you will love jimmyCASE.

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