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Best iPhone 7 Wallet Case

best iPhone 7 wallet case

The iPhone 7 has finally made its debut and now customers need a case to protect their most valuable asset. In a world where technology is second to breathing, we all have a phone   that's attached to our hips 24/7. Shedding some of the bulk that other wallet cases tend to carry, the JimmyCASE wallet provides protection and style. Leave your wallet at home while you go out and have fun! Feel safe while carrying your new phone, credit cards and cash in the best iPhone 7 wallet case. JimmyCASE designs all cases with their customers in mind.

Unlike adhesive card holders, JimmyCASE employs an elastic band that will never wear out. The slim, mahogany case features an integrated bumper and can hold up to 6 cards and cash. Each phone case is designed to match your personality. Upon purchasing, you can decide what color you would like your elastic band to be, choose from fun rainbow, to solid, steel blue. There are openings in the bottom for headphones, a charger and the speakers. This case is solidly built and also lightweight; say goodbye to cheap, plastic phone cases. When it comes to protecting your expensiveiPhone 7 and cash, you want to invest in the best.

JimmyCASE uses authentic mahogany, a strong elastic band and a unique design. Other wallet cases are bulky and tend to wear out over time. These cases withstand wear and tear and fit easily into your purse or back pocket. Each case comes complete with an easy 30-day money-back guarantee as well as a 1-year warranty against defects. Finally, you can carry your phone and cards around without worrying about a cracked screen or lost card with the iPhone 7 wallet case. Providing a combination of security, compact design and convenience, this JimmyCASE is a must have.

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