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Best iPhone 7 Card Holder

Looking for a secure place to keep your cash and credit cards while on the go? If you're trying to find the best iPhone 7 card holder, here are a few tips to help you along the way. Phone case and wallet combinations are wise choices if you want to travel in style. Practical, pocket-friendly and useful, card holders can help eliminate all of the stuff you don't feel like carrying. Among the most popular models are adhesive pockets, bulky wallet cases and an elastic backing.

Some phone cases such as Spigen and Teelevo feature kick stands that prop your phone up. Others look like an actual wallet and are as large as a medium sized purse. Heavy duty cases such as the Otterbox provide decent protection, but add weight to your phone. Cases with credit card slots and secret compartments are popular, but can only store one card at a time. For a combination of sleek, lightweight design and maximum storage, meet JimmyCASE. This brand employs a sturdy, but stretchy elastic band that can hold up to 6 cards and even a USB stick. It's one of the best iPhone 7 card holders because it's guaranteed to last.

Best iPhone 7 card holderThis case fits securely around your phone, preventing nasty splits or cracks on your screen's delicate surface. The silicone bumpers offer a great grip and unlike other cases, the elastic band is completely customizable. Choose from up to 12 colors to fit your personality. The elastic band makes this iPhone 7 card holder, not just any case, but a unique wallet, without the bulk. Travel in style and lighten your load, feeling secure with the JimmyCASE. These fun, stylish and functional phone cases are made in the USA and comes complete with a warranty.

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