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Making the Case: The Magic Elastic

by dan smith January 29, 2021

JIMMYCASE Magic Elastic is the secret to superior card grip.

How our JIMMYCASE Magic Elastic is made

  • A classic loom is hand-threaded with high-tech bands.
  • Elastic is steam-shrunk to ensure a great fit.
  • Each batch is tested for optimal grip.

Why is JIMMYCASE Magic Elastic better for card carrying?

  • JIMMYCASE Magic Elastic is designed to hold up to 6 cards and grip them tight and never stretch out.
  • Many customers carry up to ten cards in the JIMMYCASE iPhone card holder with no problem.
  • Leather may be great for traditional wallets, but it tends to stretch out and lose it’s card-carrying grip.
  • Leather wallet cases don't expand to hold a bunch of cards like our Magic Elastic can.
  • Plastic wallet cases can’t expand to carry more than two or three cards.

JIMMYCASE iPhone 12 Pro case wallet with Mahogany Wood

iPhone 11 Pro wallet case, Black Maple Wood

dan smith
dan smith

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