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Best Wallet Case = Better Way to Wallet

by dan smith March 06, 2020 2 Comments

JIMMYCASE with instant access to cards, cash & more. [Video]

Why is JIMMYCASE the "Better Way to Wallet?"

  • With JIMMYCASE, you can eliminate your wallet or purse and replace it with a premium case to keep your cards and cash at your fingertips.  Your iPhone is in your hands all the time, so why not keep your cards there? In the TSA line at the airport, your phone (boarding pass) is likely in your hand. Keeping your ID on your phone is a more efficient option at the airport.


With JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet at airport, Phone, ID, Boarding Pass All in One Hand

JIMMYCASE iPhone 8 Plus, 7 Plus, 6 Plus Wallet Case, Mahogany Wood and Khaki Green

  • With JIMMYCASE, you can carry 6 cards and cash, always ready.

We weave our Magic Elastic pocket in-house with hundreds of high-performance bands. Many customers put 10 cards in with no trouble. Our pockets are designed to hold-tight and never stretch-out.


jimmycase iphone wallet case holds 6 to 10 cards

JIMMYCASE iPhone 11 Wallet Case in Black with Mahogany, holds 6 to 10 cards.


  • With our patented thumb-ejector, cards pop out instantly.

If you you don't want to dig around for your cards and drag them out, our instant thumb ejector will be perfect for you...instant access every time.


jimmycase iphone 11 wallet thumb ejector patented



  • JIMMYCASE carries bulkier items, like car keys, AirPods or a lip gloss.

Unlike, leather or plastic iPhone wallet cases, the Magic Elastic pocket works like a grippy pocket and can carry exactly what you need.


jimmycase iphone wallet can carry your car keys
JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet Can Carry Your AirPods
JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet Can Carry Your Lip Gloss

  • JIMMYCASE is slim.

The Magic Elastic pocket, starts slim and only expands enough to hold the cards you add. With no cards in, the pocket snaps right back.

JIMMYCASE iPhone Wallet Case is Slim
JIMMYCASE expands only when cards are added

  • Trying JIMMYCASE is safe and easy.

JIMMYCASE offers Free Shipping Worldwide and a 30-Day-No-Risk Guarantee.

JIMMYCASE iPhone 11 Pro Max wallet case with Mahogany Wood, iPhone XR wallet case with White Oak wood.

dan smith
dan smith

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