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Try jimmyCASE iPhone 6 Wallet Case Risk Free!

by Aaron Harper August 20, 2015

How are you going to carry your cards when you outgrow your Costanza wallet or your too-big purse?

There are now many options for iPhone cases that will let you carry your cards strapped to the back of your phone.   But, you may find the options out there neither stylish nor practical.  Some of you may find brown leather or black plastic cases -- kinda old school.  Who wants an old school card holder?

Enter jimmyCASE iPhone 6 wallet cases.  The patented jimmyCASE is made with elastic bands custom-woven for us. The bands expand to carry up to six cards, or bulky items such as car keys or lipstick.  jimmyCASE is available in a wide array of colors and funky stripes, such as orange, navy blue, pink, black, gray, gold, rainbow, and pink bikini stripe.  jimmyCASE also offers custom iPhone 6 card holder cases on our website.  You can choose, fabric, bumper, and wood colors and have the case made exactly as you’d like it.

The core is fashioned from genuine mahogany wood – looks great and super strong.  A silicone bumper provides 360 degree protection and lay-on-table screen protection.

Each jimmyCASE is made by hand in East Los Angeles, California, USA.  The cases are infused with California style and fun.

jimmyCASE was launched in 2014 with a successful Kickstarter.  Now customers throughout the world are buying jimmyCASE at   Our cases are also available with 2 day Amazon Prime shipping at

With our 30 day, no-risk guarantee, you should give us a try.  jimmyCASE consistently receives five-star reviews from customers worldwide.

So say goodbye to your old school wallet or purse and try jimmyCASE risk free.  If you don’t think it is the best cell phone case with card holder then send it back for a full refund of purchase price.

Aaron Harper
Aaron Harper

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