iPhone 6/6s Wallet Case With Card Holder

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Orange and Navy Blue Stripe
Brown Tweedy
Khaki Green
Steel Blue
Royal Blue and Kelly Green Stripe
Blue and Gold Stripe
Pink and Gray Stripe Black Bumper
Orange and Gray Stripe
Pink and Red Stripe BLACK BUMPER
Burgundy and Gold Stripe
Gray Stripe

•  Holds 6 Cards and Cash
•  Full-Frame Protection
•  Genuine Mahogany Core
•  Integrated Bumper
•  Lay-on-the-Table Screen Protection
•  Handmade in the USA
•  30 Day No Risk Guarantee

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All new orders ship within 5 business days. In the USA, jimmyCASE provides free USPS First Class package shipping. USPS First Class generally delivers within 4 business days, but please note their reported service standard is 7-10 business days. Domestically, we offer Priority Mail as an option for an additional cost of $7.50 and Priority Mail Express for $25.00. We will attempt to ship Priority more quickly than our 5 business day standard, but cannot guarantee it.

We offer a 30 day risk-free guarantee. If for any reason you aren't happy with your jimmyCASE, you may return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. This guarantee applies to the first unit in any order. Returns on multiple units will incur a 20% restocking fee upon return.

jimmyCASE products come with a one-year limited warranty from defects in materials and craftsmanship for one year from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended.

Exceptions: The white cases and blue & pink fabrics tend to show dirt, and the no-risk guarantee does not apply for this. We will not accept returns for dirt issues. Custom Cases are custom-made upon order. If a custom case is defective, we will replace with same custom case option within 30-day window.

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The jimmyCASE Wallet Case has much to offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s owners. This case features a full-frame protection barrier that significantly minimizes the risk of screen cracks or breaks. The case allows for additional “lay-on-the-table” screen protection which further protects the delicate iPhone screen. The case itself is complete with the signature real genuine mahogany core that adds the perfect touch of sophistication and class to the iPhone Wallet Case itself.

Surrounding the phone is the non-slip silicone bumper that features useful nubs which are very useful for added grip and slip resistance. Perhaps, arguably, the most useful feature of the custom iPhone 6/6s Wallet Case is the wallet function. The case boasts a durable, sturdy stretch sleeve wallet capability of which elasticity is proven to hold tight under even the most stressful of circumstances.

The strong elastic wallet band will continue to remain resistant to stretching or without loosening over time when used properly (i.e. not exceeding the maximum carrying capacity regularly). The stretch sleeve wallet feature is capable of holding up to six cards in addition to cash! What more do you need?

The wood iPhone wallet case by jimmyCASE is perhaps the most useful and functional iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s carrying case on the market. It has just the perfect balance of protective and practical features made with the highest of quality of workmanship by handmade professionals in the United States of America.

The Wallet Case by jimmyCASE is accompanied by a 30-day, no risk guarantee, which comes complete with every order.
You May Not Need A Wallet
From dan@jimmyCASE. For many years, I carried a wallet in one pocket and my iPhone in another pocket and I wanted to change. My wallet had become a travelling graveyard for receipts, insurance cards – extra bulk I didn’t really need. I realized that I really need only 4 cards (ATM, Drivers License, Credit Card, Work Pass) and I was good to go. I made my first jimmyCASE with some elastic and duct tape and strapped it to the back of my iPhone. Within a day, I tossed my old leather wallet in a drawer and I haven’t looked back. It was scary for me to simplify and slim out what I carried every day. But now, my life is better, my jeans pockets look better, and I am confident that the cards (and a little cash) I need are always there with me. My iPhone 6 case with card holder is the perfect companion for my active life. If your are thinking you’d like go without a traditional wallet, I encourage you to give it a try.

Does jimmyCASE Get Dirty?
From dan@jimmycase. To beat dirt, we recommend our darker iPhone 6 wallet cases, especially the all black fabric. Our white cases and lighter fabrics do attract dirt – oils from your hand and everyday dirt. Over time, they can be difficult to clean. We use K2R dry cleaning spot remover on our fabrics. If we catch the dirt before it gets too ground in, this does a pretty good job. But, we do recommend the darker fabrics to stay cleaner-looking.

Why the shape of the iPhone 6S makes for a better case.
From dan@jimmyCASE. When we started making jimmyCASEs for wallet iPhone 5s case, we were happy with the design. But when the iPhone 6 was released we were super-excited to build a case for the new iPhone. The rounded edges of the phone feel better in the hand and we were able to shape the case to reflect the rounded edges. And, earlier this year, we slimmed down the iPhone 6S wallet to feel even better in your hand. When you look at the case from above you now see more mahogany wood and less bumper framing the wood. We think more wood is good, and we hope you do too.

Why No Vertical Stripes or Chevrons
The Magic Elastic fabric bands are only available in horizontal stripes or solid colors. Our fabrics look this way because of the way they are woven. Each band is woven on a high-speed, high-tech loom from thousands of individual threads and elastic strips. The fabric is woven horizontally – hence the horizontal stripes. No vertical stripes or fancy patterns. We developed this fabric because it adapts well to cards and holds them tight (unlike leather) and never stretches out. As it is woven from thousands of individual threads, the fabric catches the light in a nice way and looks a little bit old school next to your high-tech iPhone wallet case

What’s your favorite color?
We are always thinking of new colors for fabrics and love to hear what our customers would prefer in new designs. So, please send us pictures of colors you like at yo@thejimmyCASE.com. Fabric development is slow, but we are always ready to try something new.

Cool iPhone 6 cases
For weeks, I have been carrying my new iPhone around in what I call a "stand-in" case because I haven't had time to look for a really cool iPhone 6 cases are an investment, you know? so I've had it in a cheap swap-meet skin that pretends to do its job. Fortunately, a co-worker (who caught me shopping online) showed me how the jimmyCASE transformed her phone – into a durable, great-looking iPhone 6s plus card holder . "Go to thejimmyCASE.com and stop the madness," Michelle said. "What? I'm just looking for" "Please. You are driving me crazy," Michelle noted, fervently. "I can see your monitor from here and so help me if I see another case with a sci-fi character on it I will stir your coffee with my stapler." Sooo… I went to the site and my world opened up. The jimmyCASE is truly different. Instead of being a shell or a skin or a slider, it's a beautiful wood panel that protects the back of the phone, with a lipped silicone frame that protects the sides and guards the screen against scrapes. For me, the defining feature is the elastic sleeve-thing. You can put credit cards, cash and, whatever – paper clips, Pogs, I don't know – in it, safely and conveniently. And it won't stretch out, which is great. I will not be caught downtown without my debit card ever again. (I had this ancient wallet, ugh, it was a mess…) I went full-on. I went "custom." I ordered the light basswood with a white bumper and green elastic. It looks like a little tennis court. It arrived three days ago – with free shipping! – and it is awesome. I am stoked. So if you're having trouble deciding on a new iPhone case, stop the madness. Check out the jimmyCASE.