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Will You Need a New Case for the Next iPhone?

In 2017, Apple will celebrate 10 years of iPhone production so everyone expects something grand. Leaks of designs have been appearing since April, but no one has any definite word yet on the exact specs for the much-anticipated iPhone 8. When it comes to whether you can keep your current iPhone 7 case, there are a few factors to consider.

Buttons and Touch Sensors

One thing the leaks have in common is showing a phone with an edge-to-edge display, meaning the home button and Touch ID sensor are likely going to move. For cases that come up over the edge of the phone with little windows for lower buttons, this could be a problem. There are also the power and volume buttons to consider, if these move, you may need a new case.

What's on the Back? 

One render based on a factory-leaked image shows the camera with a prominent bump. This bump is also aligned vertically on the back of the phone instead of horizontally, like the iPhone 7. If your case has a large open area, then you may be able to accommodate this change, otherwise, you can simply look forward to reinventing your iPhone style with a new case. 

Dimensional Troubles

Once cell phones were widely used, they've flip-flopped between being bigger and smaller. What's in store for the iPhone 8? Specs that appear to come from one of Apple's factories say the iPhone 8 may be bigger, as much as half an inch taller and a quarter of an inch wider. Stretchy cases may fit this change, but snug ones may need to face that their time is up.

The final word is that no one really knows what to expect yet from Apple's 10th anniversary iPhone. It's too soon to chuck your old case and buy a new one, but there's no harm in researching new case styles so you'll be ready to upgrade your phone.

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