Will My iPhone 7 Case Fit the iPhone 8?

While release dates are still being guessed at, everyone expects that 2017 will be the year Apple releases the iPhone 8. Images have been released since April, but no one is any closer to knowing the exact specs of the new iPhone, except Apple. Your iPhone case is both functional and stylish, so wouldn't you like to know if you can keep it when you transition to the iPhone 8?


Managing the Back of Your Phone

Leaked designs from CAD appear to show edge-to-edge display capability, removing the home button and Touch ID fingerprint sensor. Allegedly, moving the sensor underneath the display glass has proved problematic meaning it could show up on the back of your next Phone. If this happens and you want to use the fingerprint sensor, you may need to check your case for an opening wherever the eventual sensor ends up. 

Leaked Dimensions

The 4.7-inch iPhone 7 is 138.3mm-by-67.1mm. For very snug fitting cases, this could be problematic if the leaked dimensions of the iPhone 8 turn out to be correct. One prototype image shows the iPhone 8 with dimension 149.5mm-by-72.5mm. This would make it 11.2mm taller and 5.4mm wider. For those who slept through conversions in math class, that's almost 1/2 inch taller and 1/4 inch wider. It's unlikely your current case can accommodate this size difference, if it turns out to be real. Other sources say the dimensions could be 143.5mm-by-70.9mm, still larger than the current iPhone 7.

The real answer is: Only Apple knows, for now. Apple has been quite tight-lipped on the matter and is reported to have floated at least 10 different prototypes. Whether this is to reduce the possibility of accurate leaks or just a thorough testing procedure, it makes it difficult to predict what will happen to iPhone 7 cases when the iPhone 8 is finally released. Whatever the size, Apple usually delivers on new features and upgrades to your favorites.