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Why Your Phone Is Draining Its Battery

Why Your Phone Is Draining Battery

Anyone who relies on a cell phone—meaning everybody, dreads being caught with a dying or dead battery. It can be annoying or even dangerous. Regardless, many people assume it’s a fact of life. However, don’t you want to know why your phone always has low battery? Read on for some enlightenment. 

Don’t Be So App-y

Every time you open an app on your beautiful new phone, resplendent in the best phone wallet case, you are actually engaging it. Then it continues to drain your battery whether you’re using it or not. So do yourself and your phone a favor and close any app you are not using at that moment.

Save Some Face(book)

Is it really necessary to check in and see who’s doing what every five minutes or let everyone know you just had some awesome fries? If not, close your iPhone 7 Plus case and give Facebook a rest, because it takes a lot of battery to power. 

Not too Bright

Having your screen brightness set high is a battery killer. Consequently, keep it as low as you can stand, or at least turn it down when you’re not using it.

Stop Searching for Intelligent Life

Asking your phone to constantly search for Wi-Fi is another battery drain. So if you are driving or otherwise occupied, turn off your Wi-Fi, close your wood iPhone case and give it all a rest. 

Curb Your Need to Know

Sure, getting notifications from your apps is great, but consider what they are doing to your phone’s battery. Every time one is sent, your phone lights up or vibrates, and that’s depleting. To save energy, only turn on notifications from apps you really care about. Then catch up on the others when you’re home or plugged into a power source.

Those are just some of the ways you can save your battery life, and they cost you almost nothing in loss of convenience. Isn’t it worth it in exchange for a charged phone?

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