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Why Your iPhone 6 Plus Needs a JimmyCASE

How important is your iPhone 6 Plus to you? My guess is that the answer is “pretty darn important” and rightfully so. Anything of value in this world deserves to be protected and your iPhone 6 Plus is no different. That is why your iPhone 6 Plus needs a JimmyCASE.

JimmyCASE's are handmade in the USA from the highest quality materials by only the most skilled premier craftsman, so you can be confident in the quality of product that you are receiving.


Why Your iPhone 6 Plus Needs A jimmyCASE

What makes the iPhone 6 Plus Jimmy Case Special?

JimmyCASE makes an iPhone 6 Plus wallet case that is a unique blend of practical and protective. The case itself in appearance is slim, sleek and sophisticated but underneath that slender façade is a thick, durable and reliable full-framed rigid enclosure made to grip your iPhone 6 Plus in all the right ways. Once your iPhone 6 Plus is inside of the JimmyCASE it will be protected by a resilient silicone bumper on all sides for added protection in case of a fall. The front of the case will further protect the disreputably fragile screen of the iPhone 6 Plus with its highly effective “lay-on-the-table” screen protection feature.

These cases are made to de-bulk the pockets of the user, in fact JimmyCASE even carries the Wallet Case model iPhone 6 Plus casethe unifies the protective reliability of a JimmyCASE with the convenience of a built in slender wallet. Of which adds no additional bulk to the case. The case itself is quite trendy with a tasteful organic appeal due to the real genuine mahogany core.

If you are looking for an effective, efficient and stylish iPhone 6 Plus case, then perhaps consider the iPhone 6 Plus JimmyCASE, the best iPhone 6 Plus case.

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