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Why Your iPhone 6 Needs a JimmyCASE

Is your iPhone 6 one of your most prized possessions? When you accidentally leave home without it, do you feel incomplete, lost, and even lonely? Yeah, me too. Something as useful and sacred as our iPhone 6 needs, no-deserves, a phone wallet case that will protect it from harm; thus, protecting you from heartache.

Imagine you are making the bed. You rip the sheets up in the air in an aggressive, almost irritated manner and across the room your iPhone 6 goes. Midair, your heart stops. The mere thought of your precious phone hitting those wood floors at the speed it is traveling is enough to completely shatter the screen, which in itself is enough to shatter your soul.

Now, imagine the same scenario only midair, before you panic, you remember that you just bought a JimmyCASE. Your heart instead of feel complete anguish feels relief because you know that you can confidently watch your baby hit the ground at what seems to be the speed of light and assuredly flip it over to find everything intact. Phew, what a relief.


The JimmyCASE 

JimmyCASE offers a high quality iPhone 6 wallet case that is needed because it will offer you both a sense of security knowing that the rigid bumper case that protects one of your most valued possessions is reliable and durable enough to protect against even the toughest of falls.

This bumper style phone case is made tougher than the rest. With its full-frame protection, silicone bumpers and front “lay-on-the-table” (or in this case “fly through the air landing face down”) protection you can rest assured that you iPhone 6 will live through even the harshest of drops/falls. Top make the JimmyCASE even sweeter imagine such protection in a slim pocket sized package because that is what you get with the JimmyCASE. Slender, no bulk protection.

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