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Why the jimmyCASE is the Perfect iPhone Case for College Students

jimmyCASE is the best iPhone wallet case for college students – an excellent companion.

Everywhere you go on campus, you need a card – ID, passkey, credit card, ATM, maybe a little cash. Odds, are your phone will be with you all the time, so why not put it work remembering the cards you are going to need and bring them with you. Lot’s to worry about at college? jimmyCASE let’s you fewer things to worry about, because you will be ready for everything.

And if you use a passcard or metro card you can keep them in your jimmyCASE. Just pass your phone over the ready, because your card is in our patented elastic wallet pocket.

And when you travel, home to visit family, across the state to visit friends, or for SPRING BREAK, jimmyCASE will be perfect. Your ID, credit card, ATM, Drivers License, Insurance Card, can be strapped to your iPhone, ready at all times.

Do a Google or Amazon search and you will find lots of iPhone wallet cases. But most of them are made of hard plastic or leather.   Plastic doesn’t stretch, so plastic cases can only hold a couple of cards. Leather stretches out. But jimmyCASE stretches to carry up to six cards and some cash. Then when you need fewer cards on your iPhone, it stretches right back…every time.

And the colors! Maybe your college colors are ready for you. Orange and Navy Blue? Cardinal and Gold? Orange and Gray? Go illini! Go Trojans!

And anther cool feature of the jimmyCASE is, there is no annoying flap to get in the way when talking on your phone or taking a picture. Your cards and cash are stowed neatly on the back of your phone, out of the way.

jimmyCASE is the perfect iPhone case for college students. Your iPhone is with you all the time. Why not put it to work, carrying exactly what you need at college?

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