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Why the jimmyCASE iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case is Your Saturday Night Must-Have Accessory

Monday through Friday, you are weighed down with so much "stuff." Right? I mean, the week is full of stuff you have to remember, carry and do. That’s why weekends are such a welcome relief, and why the jimmyCASE iPhone 6s Plus wallet case is your Saturday night must-have accessory.

Saturday nights are for letting loose!

Chances are you need your phone with you all the time, which makes our iPhone 6 Plus case with wallet the perfect alternative to stuffing your pocket, purse or backpack with more than you need. Your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy gets dressed up along with you, and helps you out by holding onto your club money and credit cards, keys, energy bar, whatever it is you need to take you to the morning.

Jump into your Uber, hit your favorite restaurant, step out onto the dance floor, go wherever you like wearing your jimmyCASE like a boss. It's been designed and crafted with strength and style – and you get to choose how it looks. Make your choice of high-quality dark mahogany or light basswood for the heavy-duty backing, white or black for the protective silicone wrap-around bumper, and go crazy with your personal color statement for the stretchy, trademark elastic sleeve. See what's available, from tweedy brown and basic black to pink-and-red to rainbow stripes – at

It's the one fashion accessory that has your best interests in mind, from adding color and design to your Saturday-night look to taking care of business, by protecting your iPhone and putting all of your essentials in one stylish place.

Each jimmyCASE is handmade in the USA and offers a 30-day no-risk guarantee. Check out the outstanding number of 5-star reviews on, and the notice jimmyCASE has already received from fashion and trend hotshots like GQ and Shopify.

And order your jimmyCASE. Because Saturday night needs you. And you need to get ready!

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