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Why men and women love the JimmyCASE

It’s uncommon to find a unisex phone case that both men and women agree that they love. Yet the jimmyCASE iPhone 7 wallet case has been able to win over both men and women alike. It's pretty easy to see why everyone loves this iPhone 7 wallet case and why it is considered the best iPhone 7 case to give as a gift.

Color Selection

best iPhone 7 wallet caseThe jimmyCASE comes in a large variety of color variations making it an easy stocking stuffer during the holidays. You can select colors to go with your favorite sport teams or to go with your favorite outfit. You can also order several cases for the members of your family and have everyone believing in the spirit of Christmas again!


Women and men can both agree that durability is an important quality for any phone case to have. The tougher your phone case is, the safer your phone is. Men and women who have physically demanding jobs appreciate having a case that keeps their phone well protected.


With the jimmyCASE, you’re not limited with what can do. People who live active lifestyles agree that having a phone case that is multi-functional is a major feature they look for. The ability to store all of your essential items in one, easy to find place is a blessing.

Works For Business Or Pleasure

An iPhone 7 wallet case can make venturing out easier and more enjoyable. You can have everything you need at your fingertips when you go out for the evening, without the worry of forgetting or losing anything. Business professionals can even slip a couple of extra business cards inside the case so they are never caught without one, which always seems to happen at the worst possible time.

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