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Why Do People Love Using iPhone Wallet Cases?

I've owned five iPhones since they first showed up in 2007.  From the roundish-rectangular first-generation model to my current iPhone 6s Plus, which is big enough to read from across a medium-sized room. I've loved them all. And even though they're devices, I think of them like dogs who wear sweaters. I like to dress them up.

Which answers the question; why do people love using iPhone 6s Plus wallet cases? I can think of two reasons: safety and style. In no particular order.

That's why every time I've bought a new iPhone, I've spent a crazy amount of time trying to find the best iPhone wallet case. I want it to be stylish, protected -- and different! I don't want the plain silicone skin and I don't want that bulky armor that looks like a plastic carburetor. I was dealing with this exact dilemma right after I bought my latest phone when I came across a piece on Shopify that listed the jimmyCASE as one of "24 Bragworthy Gift Ideas for the Entrepreneur in Your Life."

I'm not an entrepreneur, but this was – and is – the case for me. I ordered one from their site at, mahogany wood with a blue-and-orange striped elastic sleeve. It's great-looking, and it does double-duty: holds my cash, credit cards and ID, so I don't need to carry a wallet at the same time.

I'm confident placing my iPhone in it. The rubbery wraparound silicone bumper keeps my iPhone planted in my hand and cushioned from falls. The wood is sturdy and durable, and helps guard against bending.

I've been recommending the jimmyCASE to a lot of people, and with all the different color combinations available, I'm not worried about looking like anyone else. I’m so glad I tried it. I love it.

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