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Wholesale iPhone Cases 

Who buys those generic iPhone cases, the ones you see stocked up by the hundreds at the swap meet or the county fair? The wholesale iPhone cases they've marked up 500 percent that are barely worth the hanging cellophane bags they're packaged in?

Um, me. I'm guilty. I've bought them. I've always thought of iPhone wallet cases as a gesture, just something you're supposed to do, so you get whatever's cheap and in your favorite color, slap your phone into it and you're a responsible person. 

Then I dropped my phone, looking so fresh in its teal plastic shell, and shattered it to the tune of $250. A painful lesson, but it led me to the realization that you have to protect your phone. And if you have to protect it, that means your case is an investment. So I started shopping around.

And I found the jimmyCASE. First of all, it doesn't look – or behave – like anything else out there. There's a gorgeous mahogany backing with a high-tech silicone bumper, and an elastic sleeve that instantly turned my iPhone 6s into an iPhone 6s wallet. I put credit cards and cash in there, along with my house key if I don't want to deal with carrying a bunch of metal around in my pocket.

The sleeve helps personalize everything. I got blue and black stripes. Looks great. 

It's made really well. This isn't some mass-produced factory-churned wholesale item; the jimmyCASE is put together by Southern California craftspeople who care. You can feel the quality just by holding it in your hand. Wholesale iPhone Case

I got mine with their customary free shipping and no-risk guarantee. Also, check out their website for all sorts of great consumer reviews -- you don't have to take my word for it. It's out there: jimmyCASE is the way to go.

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