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What Will the jimmyCASE iPhone 7 Wallet Case Look Like?

IPHONE 7 7 PLUS WALLET CARD CASEI'm all excited because I love new stuff – I'm what they call an "early adopter." I like to get technology into my own hands as soon as it's available. Now that we know about the new iPhone SE, the hot item coming up is the iPhone 7, and you know I'm going to want to keep that thing safe. And because I was the first among my friends to get a jimmyCASE for my iPhone 6, I'm wondering – what will the jimmyCASE iPhone 7 wallet case look like?


I know it's going to be at least as stylish and sleek. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are going to be a little thinner than today's models, so the wraparound bumper and mahogany core will be accurately scaled to fit the new phones like a high-tech glove. And the camera and switch openings will be re-tooled with the same precision.

I know it's still going to be handmade in California, and it's still going to wear that signature jimmyCASE "look," modern and organic at the same time, a touch of nature with a high-tech edge. Once I've placed my new iPhone into that protective backing and bumper guard, there's no mistaking it for anything else with that stretchy elastic sleeve. And I love knowing that it's going to be just as useful, because I'm all about ditching the ordinary wallet routine, and putting my keys, cards and cash in the sleeve and having everything I need with me, with minimum bulk and bother.

There's one thing I really can't predict about the way the new case will look – the color – and that's only because I haven't decided what I want. Will I get the same one I have now? Or something new?

I'm going to go with something new. New phone, new age, new color.

Why not? Make life fun wherever you can!

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