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USA iPhone 6 plus case

I feel like it's time to be patriotic. There's a lot going on in the world, and I want to support our country as much as I can, so I'm doing my best to "buy American."

I have a Korean car, and I just bought some Italian shoes, but still… I'm making an effort.

So where do I get an honest-to-goodness American case for my smartphone? Something made right here in my own country? I looked up "handmade in USA iPhone 6 plus case" and found out:

This company makes a case so well-crafted and attractive that I not only bought one for myself, I also bought an iPhone 6 wallet case for my niece's birthday gift. She loves it!

They're completely domestic. They were designed in a Southern California garage and they're assembled – by hand – in a Los Angeles factory.

For something uniquely American, they're appreciated everywhere. They've been praised by customers and gift and tech sites from all over the world. Now I know, first hand, why. Iphone wallet case online

The protective bumper fits the gorgeous wood core like a glove, and keeps the phone planted in my grip. There's also a raised "lip" that keeps the screen from getting damaged when I place my phone face-down on hard surfaces. And the stretchy, elastic sleeve – which doesn't lose its stretchiness no matter how much I use it – holds up to 6 credit cards and my cash so I don't need to carry a separate wallet when I've got my jimmyCASE with me. I always have my phone with me, so that's not an issue.

Choosing your jimmyCASE materials and colors is true freedom of expression. You can opt for the darker mahogany or the lighter basswood, and pick from a gay pride iPhone case for the elastic sleeve. Check it out. Buy American and go with a jimmyCASE.

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