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Unique iPhone 6s Cases  

My job is very "visible" – I work for an art department, and I go to stores and warehouses to buy stuff or rent stuff they use in commercials. Like, if you see a vase in the background of an insurance commercial, there's a chance I bought that vase. I go all over town pulling out a company credit card and packing my car with design items.

When you do that all day, it's fun to make things a little bit special. I used to carry credit cards in my wallet, but I recently got a new phone – so I put it in a jimmyCASE. I'd been hunting online for something useful, and my new iPhone 6 plus credit card case makes my work easier and more efficient.

I'll get to the store or warehouse, pull up notes or pictures of what I need on my phone (art deco lamp, framed '80s airbrush art poster, fake orchids, whatever), then pull out the right credit card for the job. The jimmyCASE has an elastic pocket that holds 6 credit cards and cash – I always need cash for something – and I can store receipts in it, too.

I also love how it looks, so I love carrying it around. The craftspeople at jimmyCASE make unique iPhone 6s cases, also cases for different models including the 6 and the different 5's. And they’re ready for the upcoming iPhone 7.

They're not plastic or metal, they're actually wood – you can choose mahogany or basswood to keep the structure rigid and cool-looking, the silicone bumper is grippy and guards the screen from scrapes, and you can choose the elastic in different colors.

It doesn't matter what kind of work you do. If you want something unique, great-looking and smart for your smartphone, get a jimmyCASE. Check them out at

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