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Top 5 Uses For My jimmyCASE iPhone Wallet

I'm a jimmyCASE iPhone wallet convert, and I've been asked to share why. So here are the top 5 uses for my favorite case. It's more than a phone case. It's a lifestyle choice.

  • It's a wallet with credit card holder for my iPhone 6s Plus! Which is the reason I got it in the first place. It keeps my driver's license, cash and debit card in one place, easy to retrieve. The elastic band secures everything but allows me to pull out whatever I need.
  • It's a business card holder. Sure, it holds my basic, essential stuff… but as a freelancer, my business cards are the most essential things I carry. When I'm networking, pulling my business cards out of something so unique makes a big impression, exactly the effect I want when I'm meeting someone for the first time.
  • It's a simplifier. I'm done with shoving multiple scraps and stubs into an overstuffed wallet. I keep the basics with me and leave the rest at home. Combining wallet and phone leaves more room in my pocket, and more room in my mind.
  • It's a protector. The silicone bumper keeps the phone functional while giving it more grip -- iPhones are kind of slippery, aren't they? Also, it gives it a cushion in case I drop it, and the lip guards against scratches if I put the phone face-down on a hard surface.
  • It's a statement. I went to www.jimmyCASE.com and chose colors for the elastic band that reflect my personality (I went with the rainbow – diversity and inclusion is one of my most important causes). And the use of wood shares my commitment to the planet, using sustainable materials in beautiful and useful ways.

I've gone well past the 30-day "satisfaction window" and I'm still loving it. I'll find more uses for it, I'm sure. Life is big. Make it simpler.

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