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Top 5 Most Popular iPhone 6s Wallet Case Colors

When we first created jimmyCASE, we were most excited about the opportunity to make cases in a variety of bold colors.   We love color and weren’t satisfied with color options available for iPhone wallet cases.   Mostly what we found was black or brown, plastic or leather.   Maybe some plastic cases in bright colors, but nothing urban/slick.

So we started looking at color trends with Pantone, J Crew, GQ, Kate Spade and dozens of fashion blogs as our guides.   We found a cute bikini online and created the Pink Bikini Multi-Stripe. Lots of our relatives are University of Illinois grads, so we created Orange and Navy Blue Stripe.   Our founder is a UCLA grad, so we created Light Blue and Gold Stripe.   Our fabric mill is near USC so we wove a Burgundy (Cardinal? Maroon?) and Gold.   Black is still the new Black, so we created simple Black. We received lots of requests from customers for MORE PINK. So, we created Pink & Gray (Grey) and Pink & Red stripes.   Navy Blue & Black stripe – tailored and preppy.   Orange & Gray (Grey) stripe was added later and is super-popular.   To celebrate Pride Day and Pride Week, we wove a Rainbow Stripe.

And more are coming.   Brown tweed up next, followed by Royal Blue and Kelly Green.

The jimmyCASE is all about the colors. Born, in Southern California, we like bright and colorful.   But, we love the Fall and the East Coast, so we have Black and are adding Brown Tweed and some preppy colors next.   All our fabric is custom-woven for jimmyCASE… so new color development takes time.

We always love hearing from customers with suggestions of colors they would like and we consider all their suggestions seriously.   We also offer custom iPhone 6S and 6S Plus cases. You can choose your wood, fabric and bumper color and jimmyCASE will make your case custom for you in a few days.

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