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Top 5 Apps To Have On Your Smartphone

Best iPhone Apps

When you are looking at ways to get the most out of your iPhone, check out some of the best iPhone apps on the market. Whether you want to watch some videos or increase your knowledge, the iPhone can serve all your information needs. To enjoy your iPhone and its wide variety of apps, check out these wallet phone cases: 

1. Google:With the Google app, all of your questions will easily be answered at the touch of a button. With Siri enabled, you don’t even have to type out the question. Simply ask the phone a question, and you will have your answer.

2. Facebook:With the Facebook app, you can not only keep up with your friends, but also keep everyone up to date on your busy social life. With the Facebook app, you can easily post from your photo library to your wall.

3. YouTube:If you want to access your playlist or your favorite funny video, the YouTube app is perfect. With the YouTube Red service, you can enjoy your playlists without any ads.

4. Skype:The wildly popular VOIP service allows you to have a video conversation with anyone around the world. The days of expensive overseas and long-distance calls are over; the chatting is done for free.

5. GrubHub:With the GrubHub app, you have access to hundreds (or in the worst case, dozens) of local restaurants that will bring your favorite foods right to your front door. With this app, you can access delicious foods wherever you are spending the night.

When you want to protect your phone and its apps, you’ll need the best iPhone 7 wallet case on the market. With an iPhone 7 plus card holder, you will be able to keep your credit cards protected, while your apps are safe and sound.

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