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The Secret To Charging Your Phone Faster

What’s the point of having an iPhone wallet caseunless you use your phone with all its amazing features and fill it with apps you need? The only downside to the versatility of your iPhone is that it drains your battery life faster than you can say jimmyCASE, and most of us tend to fail to realize this until we get the dreaded “Low Battery” notification. By then, we often don’t have time to charge the battery long enough. Avoid this unpleasant situation with this secret to charging your phone faster.

Use the Right Charger

Sounds obvious, but not using the right charger is the biggest reason for slow charging and battery damage. However, what does it mean to use the right charger?

  1. First of all, it means using a charger meant for the product. For example, although your iPad charger has a higher amp, it won’t lead to a faster charge if your iPhone can’t handle more than 1 amp.
  2. Newer iPhones, such as the sixth and seventh generations, support faster charging. So for these, you can use an iPad charger or other 2.1-amp one.
  3. Only use high-quality chargers. They don’t have to be Apple made, but they do have to be certified brands instead of generics or knockoffs.
  4. Use a wall charger instead of plugging your phone into your laptop. Otherwise, you can use a USB 3.0 cable if your computer has a compatible port.
  5. For an additional boost, turn off your phone (or at least lock the screen) while it’s charging.

The Inside Isn’t the Only Thing That Counts

Now that your battery juices up more quickly, you can focus on boosting your phone’s exterior with an iPhone wallet case, such as a custom 6s wallet case. Our products serve both as protection and as card holders, so a dead phone is still a useful one. Contact us to get started on your custom jimmyCASE.

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