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The Perfect iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case for Your Next Vacation!

We all need to get away sometimes. The irony is, when we do, we have to take stuff with us. And that is why jimmyCASE is the perfect iPhone 6 Plus wallet case to take on vacation.

Whether you're sunning at the beach, lounging in a cabana or stepping it up on the dance floor, the durable and fashionable jimmyCASE is slim, light, easy to carry and will keep your iPhone protected while keeping your getaway essentials secured and convenient.

The high-style iPhone 6 case with card holder has mahogany wood backing and is framed with a silicone band that not only keeps your phone grippable, but provides face-down protection for that costly-to-replace crystal screen – as well as a critical layer of cushion for that inevitable drop during a tango or last-second dash to a taxi.

Give pockets and purses a break by storing your driver's license, credit cards, mad money and metro pass in the safety of the snug and stretchy elastic band. It's even resilient enough to hold larger items like keys and cosmetics without losing its grip. And make your statement with the bold choice of colors we offer. A wide range of color schemes (including a select group of school colors) lets everyone know you're at home in your own brand of style no matter where you go.

An outstanding percentage of five-star product reviews, as well as praise from GQ, CNET and The Chive, make the case for jimmyCASE.

It's designed to make your life easier – and who wants a complicated vacation? When you're traveling, you don't want to carry a lot of stuff with you. You want to feel free, unencumbered and in the moment. That's what makes a vacation. So treat your iPhone to a jimmyCASE and treat yourself to style, convenience and protection. Those are three things you always want to carry.

Now have fun!

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