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The People Have Spoken - They Want Their jimmyCASE!

I spent three days researching iPhone cases last week – from hardshell to silicone to heavy-duty. You know what I found? The jimmyCASE is the best wallet iPhone case for me.

So glad I went with jimmyCASE. I'm what people call "active" – I work, hit the gym, run errands, hike, walk my dog, hang out with friends, go out for nights on the town, and once in a while I take a long weekend to get away from it all. Wherever I go, my iPhone goes with me. Generally, I like to stay connected -- but jimmyCASE keeps my iPhone useful even when I shut it off and spend quiet time to re-charge my own batteries.

You see, this iPhone 6s Plus wallet case makes sure I've always got the things I need with me. A little cash, credit cards, a tin of Altoid Smalls – they're tucked into the stretchy elastic sleeve, waiting for me whenever I need them. I don't need a wallet to tell me what to do! I've got jimmyCASE to take care of me – and my stuff.

Think about it. Why carry a wallet, when your phone can do double duty… as long as you've got jimmyCASE on your side?

And if it's a "look" you're after, you don’t need a bulky leather or vinyl accessory to make a statement. Our iPhone case mixes high-tech and organic style with a cushiony, protective silicone surround, a super-cool mahogany (or basswood) core and splashes and dashes of color with a variety of stripes and solids available for the elastic sleeve.

Quality goes into the jimmyCASE, which means quality goes with you. It's made in L.A., crafted by a local team of skilled artisans who put each case together by hand before it winds up in your.

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