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The Best iPhone 6s Case

A phone case is a phone case, in most circumstances, as most really have nothing special to offer. Nothing that sets them apart from the norm, nothing that makes them stand out above the crowd. The exception being the iPhone 6s Wallet Case by JimmyCASE. This is quite arguably the best new case for the iPhone 6s.


What is the iPhone 6s Wallet Case by JimmyCASE?

The iPhone 6s Wallet Case by JimmyCASE has more than just a sturdy, reliable, protective wallet phone case to offer its user. Rather, it also, in addition to the slim and trendy appeal of the case (which is a plus in itself), serves as a wallet. Whoa, genius! This case is a practical and protective iPhone 6s case designed to simplify your life and the way that you transport your everyday essentials from point A to point B.

The Wallet Case by JimmyCASE is a bumper style phone case meaning that it offers a solid rigid enclosure of which the iPhone 6s will fit comfortably down into, thus providing magnificent support and protection against falls. The bumper is made of rubbery silicone adding further cushion to protect in the instance of a fall or drop. Additionally, this well thought out phone case also includes the ever so effective “lay-on-the-table” screen protection.

The overall look of the best iPhone 6s Case by JimmyCASE is sleek, simple and sophisticated, not to mention slender. The core of the phone case itself is made of dark, rich, genuine mahogany that adds a touch or organic appeal to the phone. On the backside, the wallet feature lies nonchalantly simply appearing to add just a pop of desirable color. The stretch sleeve elastic band is made to last. It is durable, resistant, and capable of holding up to 6 cards plus cash!

Cheers to a phone case that you can count on to protect one of your most prized possessions, which also manages to lighten the load.

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