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The Best iPhone 6 Case

Have you been searching high and low for a phone case to fit the new iPhone 6? One that offers you more than just the typical phone case? Then look no further! Wallet Case by JimmyCASE is the product that you have been looking for. Specially engineered with the thought of solely the customer in mind, JimmyCASE has come out with a iPhone 6 phone case that simplifies that way that consumers carry their everyday essential items.


Wallet Case Specs

The iPhone 6 wallet case is a bumper style type of phone case meaning that it offers the user reliable protection against screen cracks and breaks. The case itself is made with full frame protection with a solid rigid enclosure of which the iPhone 6 will fit snugly down into. The silicone bumper surrounding the frame is there for added protection against falls.

The bumper features textured grip up and down the sides of the phone for extra grip support, present to aid in grip resistance. Additionally, the Jimmy Case offers the genius “lay-on-the –table” protection to even further protect the infamously delicate iPhone screen. Thanks JimmyCASE!

The JimmyCASE is slim, sleek and sophisticated in style. The core of the case itself is made of rich genuine mahogany wood that adds just the perfect touch of organic appeal to the phone. You can get a custom iPhone 6 case as well. Across the back lies, arguably the best aspect the Jimmy Case has to offer, this being the stretch sleeve wallet function.

This stretch sleeve band is made of highly durable and resistant elastic available in a wide array of trendy color schemes to be chosen by the customer, of which will hold up to six cards plus cash! Talk about convenience! Your pockets just got a whole lot lighter!

When JimmyCASE handcrafted the first Wallet Case in the USA, they had the right idea, simplifying life for the consumer by offering a phone case that is not just a phone case, but that allows the user to ditch the bulk of the wallet. Genius.

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