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slimJIMMY vs. Regular Wallet

There are plenty of ways to accentuate your personal style. When you want a better everyday accessory, check out the custom iPhone wallet case products from jimmyCASE. They not only have an outstanding selection of products, but they also have industry-leading customer service.

Wallet Cases Offer Advantages over Simple Wallets

There are plenty of advantages to using an iPhone 7 plus wallet case. The top iPhone 7 card holder will hold your credit and debit cards in one place, so you don’t have to carry around a bulky wallet. This is not only the perfect choice for running a quick errand, but also a night on the town.

The wallet case is the perfect way to protect your phone from everyday damage. The wallet case is built with a bumper mahogany core to handle any spill or fall that might happen. You can easily find a wallet case that suits your personal style at jimmyCASE.

The slimJIMMY Combines Style with Convenience

When you are looking for a premium slim wallet, you need easy access to your credit and debit cards. The slimJIMMY holds your cards (six) and bills (15), and the elastic pocket can handle your demanding life. This pocket will never stretch out, so it will always be one of your favorite accessories. 

The slimJIMMY comes in an array of colors, so whether you want something modern or classic, they have what you need. The slimJIMMY is stylish, as it is made with premium vegetable-tanned leather. If you want even more protection, you can upgrade to include a one-year limited warranty. 

When you want to give your smartphone a little more style, check out the custom iPhone wallet case from jimmyCASE. jimmyCASE has plenty of options, whether you prefer something modern or classic. With a 30-day, no-risk guarantee, you will easily be able to find what you want.

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