Real Wood iPhone 6s Case

I was at dinner with my usual Tuesday-night crew (we do chicken and waffles) when I saw my friend's phone sitting on the table.

I picked it up and asked if her it was wood. "Well," said Sandy. "It looks like wood."

Now that got me going. I liked the way it looked, but it was really just another one of those iPhone 6s cases you see hanging in cellophane sleeves at a mall kiosk, those places where you have to walk by quickly or the salesperson will give you that eager-puppy look so you'll buy a cheap iPhone case and a pair of designer knockoff sunglasses.

So I went online to find a real wood iPhone 6s case. There are such things. They're also pricey, for what you get: a very hard iPhone case. Luckily, I found the jimmyCASE.

Now I have a mahogany iPhone 6 card holder, a jimmyCASE made of genuine mahogany. It's beautiful and smooth to the touch with a natural grain that looks timeless and futuristic at the same time. Like something out of the movie "Ex Machina." A cushy strip of silicone frames the whole thing, with a lip that lets me put my phone face-down on surfaces without scratching the screen.

Because I use debit, credit and rewards cards a lot (I get so many great things from rewards cards), the jimmyCASE is perfect. Its elastic sleeve holds up to 6 cards plus cash, and I got mine in navy blue and black. It doesn't stretch out – I pull cards in and out and stick other people's business cards in it and it stays resilient.

If you're into wood, design, or usefuIness, I recommend a jimmyCASE to check off all three boxes. Go to their site at and choose yours, and take advantage of their free shipping.

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