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Kickstarter Goal: $5,000

Kickstarter Launch:Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Kickstarter End: Monday, November 3, 2014

Contact Email:  Lisa McKendall

Contact Phone:  310-641-1556

Contact Email:  lisa@mckendall.com

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iPhone 6 Wallet Case by jimmyCASE Navy Blue & Black Stripe















Daniel Smith has been a reality television programming executive over twenty years.  He supervised shows like American Gladiators and was a development and production executive at ABC Family Channel and Playboy TV.   For fun, he has always been a builder, tinker, and sewer.   The idea for jimmyCASE came as Daniel was frustrated, traveling to TV locations around the country, carrying his bulky wallet in one pocket and his iPhone in another.   He tried a bunch of the wallet-cases available, but found they had technical limitations.   The materials (plastic or leather) didn't stretch to carry the six cards he needed, and the leather ones stretched out with just a little abuse.  

He found an elastics factory in Los Angeles that makes colorful, wide-format elastic bands that are strong and stretchy.   He worked with the owner to customize a fabric that would work with iPhone cases and began designing the jimmyCASE in the Fall of 2013.   His family and friends loved his prototypes, so he gave up his TV career and started making jimmyCASE full time in 2014.

Daniel has a strong business background which he has been applying to grow jimmyCASE operations and stay lean, with a BS from Wharton and MBA from UCLA. 



"Your phone is with you all the time.   Why not put it to work, carrying exactly what you need."  

Dan Smith

"I'm proud of the product we created with jimmyCASE.  The desire to simplify and carry less is universal.  Our initial customers have embraced the product, shared there thoughts with great reviews and shared pictures of their cases from around the world on Instagram and Facebook.   Their feedback is energizing."  Dan Smith




Pledge $20 (or more) and you'll receive a limited-edition jimmyCASE t-shirt. Shipping in the US is included. 

Pledge $25 (or more) and a limited number of backers (50) will receive an iPhone 6 jimmyCASE in black or pink & gray stripe elastic.  Shipping in the US is included.

Pledge $35 (or more) and you'll receive an iPhone 6 jimmyCASE from a selection of five colors.  Shipping in the US is included.

Pledge $150  (or more) and you'll receive a jimmyCASE Holiday Pack. Four jimmyCASESs of your choice plus one limited edition jimmyCASE t-shirt. You can choose jimmyCASEs for iPhone 6, 5/5S, 5C. Shipping in the US is included.

Pledge $500  (or more) and we'll put YOUR NAME HERE!  We will laser-etch your name on the wood core of 500 iPhone 6 jimmyCASEs we are sending to backers/customers.  Your name will appear just under the elastic lip of each iPhone 6 jimmyCASE. When backers push cards out with their thumbs, they will see your name. We will also send you four jimmyCASEs of your choice and one limited edition jimmyCASE t-shirt. You can choose jimmyCASEs for iPhone 6, 5/5S, 5C.

Pledge $2,000 (or more) and we'll create custom-designed, logo-etched jimmyCASEs.  We will custom make 50 jimmyCASEs with your logo or message laser-etched on the Mahogany wood core of your cases.  You pick the elastic and phone model (up to two models - iPhone 6, 5/5S, 5C) and we will custom-make the cases based on your message or design. We will contact you to create your custom design. Shipping in the US is included.


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