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Phone Case with Card Holder iPhone 6

You have a cool iPhone 6 and you need somewhere to put your stuff? Check out jimmyCASE - phone case with card holder for your iPhone 6.

jimmyCASE features a patented expanding elastic wallet pocket that stretches to hold up to six cards, or you can throw in a bulky car key, lipstick, USB card reader, some cash – options are endless! You can carry your work pass or metro card and never have to take it out of the case. Makes for a super easy commute and quality work life.

Look at your fat wallet or heavy purse? Do you really want to carry them all the time? Dump your wallet, toss your purse, and get jimmyCASE.

This case includes an integrated, wraparound silicone bumper that protects your phone from bumps or falls. The bumper has lay-on-table screen protection so your screen won’t get scratched in the event your iPhone takes a slide across your desk.

With our slim iPhone 6 wallet case, you can get the bulkiness out of your life and carry just what you need. You can simplify, streamline, organize, and be ready for anything and everything. Carry your work pass, ID card, drivers license, credit card, ATM card, business cards, debit card, insurance ID, picture of your boyfriend or girlfriend, family photos, a couple of band-aids, your movie tickets, parking ticket, a pen, your house key, to do list – basically anything that will fit in our patented stretchy pockets!

jimmyCASE is a protective, stylish and premium addition to your life. Slip it in your backpack or pocket and you are ready to go! It features a genuine mahogany wood core which comes from an aircraft supplier in Orange County, California, and an elastic band custom woven for us in Los Angeles.

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