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Orange and Blue iPhone 6s Wallet Case

With a wallet case that doubles as your phone case, you’re able to make sure that all of your items are safe and sound within it. When you add your phone to the case, and then slip your important cards and cash inside; you’re able to grab and go to anywhere you need to go. With the orange and blue iPhone 6s wallet case, you can, not only be stylish but provide yourself with the convenience needed for everyday life.


Learn More About the iPhone 6 Case Walletiphone 6 wallet case

The beautiful colors come together to create the look and feel you’d expect from such a high end wallet case. However, with the use of the wallet side, the case provides a little extra to the user. 

Open the top, place your cash and your cards on the inside and let the elastic band do the work. You’re then able to be ready for the time ahead. However, keep in mind that the band is meant to hold 6 credit cards and some cash.

 Place your phone in the case side for a shock absorbent, cute case that provides the ideal look and feel you’re after. The iPhone 6s wallet case is much more than a case for your phone, it is much more than a decorative outer layer. It provides purpose, unlike some of the other options on the market.

 When it comes to using an iPhone 6 case wallet, you can make sure to provide yourself with convenience when it is needed the most. You should feel good about the choice that you make when it comes to picking a case for your phone. It is ultimately your choice, make it a good, useful one with the jimmyCASE.

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