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Orange and Blue iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case

 With the use of the orange and blue iPhone 6s plus wallet case, you can keep all of your necessities in one place. Not only is it going to look attractive, but it is also one of the most useful and purposeful cases on the market. We, here at jimmyCASE, provide many options, but with the other cases, you do not get the benefit of the wallet on the side.

Learn how to follow through with the proper iPhone 6s Plus wallet case can make the most of the wallet and case that is being provided.


The Right Care for the Right Case

Using the right care guidelines for your orange and blue iPhone 6s Plus wallet case means you will have it for a longer period of time. You want to make sure that this is something that is going to provide you with the right protection, but also is going to last for some time to come.

Always make sure to spot clean. You do not want to submerge the phone or the case in water. You always want to use a damp washcloth and mild soap to clean the outside and in any cracks and crevices to get it as clean as possible. 

Also make sure you do not have too much stuck inside the wallet area. The jimmCASE is designed to hold up to 6 cards and some cash. If you use to many, this can cause problems later on down the road when the wallet doesn't want to hold any more cards and the elastic is gone.

Enjoy all that comes from the jimmyCASE orange and blue iPhone 6 wallet case, and get more out of keeping your items and your phone with you at all times.

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