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My jimmyCASE iPhone 6s Plus Wallet Case is My Newest Fashion Accessory

They say nothing completes an outfit like "confidence." And that's why my jimmyCASE iPhone 6s Plus wallet case is my newest fashion accessory.

I love making a statement with whatever I wear – with color, texture, fabric and shape. Thanks to jimmyCASE, my trendy iPhone 6s Plus case with card holder is part of the fashion equation, because it's dressed up and ready to go, just like me.

The jimmyCASE is a triumph of form and function. That gorgeous mahogany wood backing puts nature's timeless stamp on my iPhone, while the grippy, rubbery silicone frame adds a touch of "techno" and adds a protective layer to guard that pricey baby from hard floors and tabletops. The elastic sleeve holds onto my cash and credit cards (I've even used it stash my lipstick and keys on occasion) and adds a smashing dash of panache to my ensemble. The wide range of colors and color combinations available for the jimmyCASE elastic make sure no one mistakes my iPhone for anyone else's. Just check out the bold hues and stripes available, from elegant tweedy brown to flirtatious pink-and-red to classic blue-and-green.

I'll let you in on a secret: now that I have a jimmyCASE, I use it to draw attention to the rest of my "look." For one thing, that eye-catching design makes sure no one misses my manicure! Holding it up to my ear, it's likely to look really good against the hair I've spent a while to style. And in my hand, the visual effect is of a super-cool clutch in my hand – and really, that's what it is, a clutch. And it has all of my essentials in its safe, secure grasp: communication, functionality, durability and style.

Whether you're dressing for success or posing at a party, the jimmyCASE will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Make your statement.

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