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Maroon and Gold iPhone 6 Plus Card Case

Through the use of the maroon and gold iPhone 6 Plus card case, you can bring all of the cards that you need to bring, as well as cash along with you for the ride. Never have to worry about bringing a few different items with you wherever you go, since you have enough space inside your case to bring the items along with you right inside the case that holds them all, and your phone. Who knew it could be so easy with the use of the iPhone 6 Plus card case

Want More From Your Card Case and Phone Holder

If you want more from your card case and phone holder, then shop with us here at jimmyCASE. Choose one that showcases your team’s colors or allow you to put your own customized picture and colors on the case. We have a large selection of durable, long lasting phone cases for you to choose from so you can go with something that suits the needs that you have.

Make sure to show the iPhone 6 plus wallet card case to everyone you know so that they can head out and get one to showcase their favorite team’s colors, as well. You shouldn’t have to worry about not having the bright colors shining bright on the outside of your protective phone case. Just slip your cards and money into the side and you’re well on your way to bringing everything with you easily.

Speak with our professionals and search through our selection of maroon and gold iPhone 6 Plus card cases and wallets. With the jimmyCASE, you’re able to have all that you want, when you want. Never have to worry about not being able to have a versatile, beautiful phone case when you choose one from us here at jimmyCASE.

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