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Lost My Wallet - Thank Goodness For My jimmyCASE!

Last week, somewhere between the gym, my favorite coffee bar and home, the zipper on my messenger bag was left open. Lost my wallet, so… thank goodness I have a jimmyCASE wallet case with card holder for iPhone 6 Plus.

I retraced my steps twice but didn't find it. I've lost my wallet before, but this time it was less of a pain. I didn't have to call my bank, didn't have to make an appointment at the DMV, didn't lose the forty bucks of "fastcash" I'd picked up from an ATM… because I rarely put that stuff in my wallet anymore. I'm used to sticking it in my new iPhone 6 Plus wallet case, in the elastic pocket. It makes more sense.

I'm thinking of not carrying a wallet anymore, so I probably won't replace it. It's more likely I have a handle on where my phone is, and if I know where my phone is, I know where my stuff is. When I realized my wallet was missing, I was like, "Arrggghh… now I have to make calls, replace stuff, whatever…." but then it dawned on me that that was old thinking. My phone was in my pocket, and it had my back.

It takes up a lot less space in my life, and in my head. Whatever I need is there. And it's great-looking! My wallet didn't attract attention the way my phone does, with a mahogany backing and a blue-and-green elastic band. People ask what it is, where I got it, what it does, what colors it comes in, and I show them. It protects my phone, holds onto my cash, cards and earbuds.

I've shared with friends my great move from wallet to jimmyCASE, and a couple have already done the same. They loved the money-back guarantee and the free shipping, too. If you're in the market for peace of mind, get the coolest case in the world.

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